Burial Arrangements & Procedures

What To Do When A Death Occurs

Contact the Jamaat Office at 905-695-9786. After Jamaat office hours there will be an option to report a Mayaat and your call will either be forwarded to the Mukhi (or his substitute if the Mukhi is unavailable) to make burial arrangements, or you will be provided a message as to what number to dial to reach the Mukhi.

When you phone the Jamaat Office to make burial arrangements, you can expect to be asked the following questions below.


Please kindly print and complete the Form 15 Statement of death required by the Ontario Ministry of Government Services

  1. 1. What was the cause and place of death?
    2. Has the Coroner released the body?
    3. Does the deceased have any relatives or friends who would like to assist in the ghusl; if so, how many?
    4. Did the deceased have his/her own kafan they wishes to use? If so, please bring it with you.
    5. When do you wish to perform the burial: immediately or are you waiting for family from out-of-town to arrive?
    6. What is the name and number at which the next-of-kin may be reached (if caller is not the next-of-kin)?
    7. What is the name and number at which the family member coordinating funeral arrangements may be reached?

In addition, the following instructions will be communicated to you:

  1. 1. Please remove any foreign objects that may be attached to the Mayyat, i.e. tubes, wires, etc.
    2. Please make sure that the Mayaat is laid facing Qibla, hands straightened, eyes and mouth closed, feet joined. If necessary, can use a handkerchief or cloth to help perform these tasks.
    3. Please do not call the transfer service directly to move the Mayyat to the Masjid.
    4. Please finish all the activities such as Sura Yaseen, viewing of the Mayyat’s face by the relatives, ziarat or majlis before the Dhuhr Salaat.
    5. Salaat-e-mayyat will be performed after Dhuhr and Asr Salaat.
    6. Relatives who wish to assist with performing Ghusl-e-Mayyat must sign a waiver.
    7. The Cemetery By-Laws are to be followed.
    8. A care support package is available from the jamat office for various available benefits.

The following two checklists can be used for gathering information and making arrangements:

  1. 1. Secure vital statistics of deceased:
    • Name (including religious name, if any) home address & tel number
    • Length of residence at present address
    • Name of business or employer’s name, address, telephone number
    • Occupation and title
    • Social Insurance Number (SIN)
    • Date and place of birth
    • Citizenship
    • Father’s name and birthplace
    • Mother’s maiden name and birthplace
  1. 2. Secure vital documents of deceased (required to establish rights for insurance, pensions, survivor benefits, ownership, etc.):
    • Death Certificate
    • Proof of Death Certificate
    • Will
    • Legal proof of age or bith certificate
    • Social Insurance Number (SIN)
    • Marriage licence
    • Citizenship papers
    • Insurance Policies
    • Bank books
    • Deeds
    • Car ownership papers
    • Income-Tax Returns, recent receipts or cancelled cheques