Message from ISIJ President

Salaamun Alaikum,

One of the advantages of belonging to an organized community like the ISIJ of Toronto is to be able to benefit from the effort of one member, or a group of members, who take upon themselves to improve or provide fi sabilillah services for the rest of the community.

I would like to congratulate Br. Aunali Moledina on behalf of the Jamaat for embarking on this Cemetery Directory Project which will not only assist the membership but our visiting guests as well. This Directory Project is the first effort of its kind here in Toronto. Aside from providing valuable information it is also one way of strengthening the records in the Jamaat administration office for which we are very grateful..

We pray for jaza e kher for Brother Aunali and others who have assisted him in this Project and it is our hope that this task will be carried forward and updates made periodically.

Let us remember the Marhumin whose names appear in the directory with a sura e fateha.


Aliraza Rajani
President, ISIJ of Toronto