Message from NASIMCO President

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Islam,

Assalaamu Alaikum.

“Peace be on the dwellers of [the graveyard] who are among the Mu’mineen and the Muslimeen. You have preceded us and, insha-Allah, we will soon join you”

(Imam as-Sadiq a.s.)

The noble work undertaken herein to create a directory of our Marhumeen in Toronto, Hamilton and London, is consistent with the Islamic practise of remembering and praying for our Marhumeen. As members of this community, we have an obligation to remember those who have gone before us in our prayers and to learn lessons from them. From this perspective, the directory initiative taken by Br Aunali Moledina is highly commendable.

In addition, preserving records of community members allows us to better understand our collective history and demographics. The importance of this lies in future forecasting while at the same time, it allows us to recognize the contributions made by those before us.

We end by praying for the departed souls with the following dua: “O Allah, bring them near and connect them with those whom they took as their leaders and friends, and raise them (on the Day of Resurrection) with those whom they loved.”

Gulamabbas Najafi
President, NASIMCO